Kris Won, July 13, 2011


I am Ashtar Sheran, and I am writing to ask you to be strong and try to remain even-handed to events that will be brought forth in 2011. This should not be surprising, since it is almost 2012, which so much has been heard about and so much has been said.


In a living organism, before a cure can be established, it must always pass through a previous crisis.

Gaia, who is also a living and intelligent organism, but with a spiritual evolution so high you cannot yet understand, must still pass through a stage of tribulations during 2011 before she is healed, which is to take place on December 21, 2012.

For all that you see, do not suffer, since these actions are decreed from on High to the humanity of this planet and all living beings who inhabit it, so that they carry out this process of purification. It will be, although short in duration, of unusual strength in certain parts of the world.


So that Gaia, her beautiful planet, does not agonize over the harmful damage from man himself, they are Her cells; a process of transmutation will be necessary so that she, Gaia, can heal.

However, She loves you so much, that She will contain many of the effects that were planned so that her 'children' do not have to suffer so much.

This reduction of damage contemplated in her physical world, will lighten our rescue work, so we will be able to use many of our troops for tasks designed to promote the awakening of consciousness for more humans, who are - like your holy books say - the Kings of Creation, referring to their supremacy over other life on the planet, thanks to the intelligence they have been endowed.
在她的物理世界中,這樣的降低傷害已經預料過,將減輕我們的救援工作,讓我們能夠讓許多的部隊授命去促進更多人意識上的覺醒,他們就如你們聖經典籍上所說的 - 宇宙造物的君主們,由於他們的崇高卓越超過地球上其他生命,感恩他們預先提供的智慧。


Sirians, Orions, Pleiadians, Swans, Andromedans and many more galactic brethren will be with you all, giving you our support and helping you (no doubt) in the process of Ascension, as determined and plotted by the Exalted Beings who planned it.

I therefore send you this message to be strong and remain united and joined in the face of events that are to be triggered in some parts of Earth's geography.

Remain firmly rooted in your Inner Being, which will give you the calm and confidence you will need in those moments.

I speak to you in peace and brotherhood,

Ashtar Sheran 阿斯塔·謝蘭

Channel: Kris-Won



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