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Beloved Ones,

You who have walked the lonely path of Light are soon to be joined by many, many others who will begin to walk their path with you. For every sacrifice you have made for the highest good of all, the Universe is already bringing to you many wonderful synchronicities, miracles and gifts. All you have to do is open your hearts to receive and be in trust and in joy. Watch for these in your daily living, recognize them, receive them, enjoy them and record them. Soon you will begin to know without a shadow of doubt that you have always been loved and cared for and that you never walk alone.



Along your trail blazing path, you have encountered much that was not love and being empathic, took on these energies thinking they were your own. The time has come when your power of discernment and intuition will grow by leaps and bounds and you will find the ability to detach from the energies and challenges of others while still giving Love and compassion. Each of you have had tests and trials that have been making you turn yourselves inside out in your quest for transparency and purity. Even as these old energies are still being brought out from the depths of your Being, know that it is only a matter of time before these fall away from you forever, leaving only wonder and awe in its place.


Your higher senses are now coming to the fore and we ask you to be prepared and cognizant that these will open up the ability to perceive others thoughts and inner motivations before even they are aware of them. It is important to use loving detachment when these occurrences take place and not take what you tune into in a personal way. Become the observer and scientist and instead of dwelling on the revelations of the inner workings of others, dwell upon and record the synchronicities, the revelations, the frequency, the timing, the intuitive promptings that happen so that you can begin to perceive the new you beginning to manifest in a totally new way.


The true test of higher abilities is to stay in the energy of Love in all ways, even when your perceptions reveal that the underlying motivations of others that are crystal clear to you are assumed to be hidden from you. Just observe and do not judge or react. Practice loving kindness and compassion. This is a temporary stage that could bring discomfort to you but it is the next step on your journey to higher consciousness and perception and the continued Mastery of your self.  Like a diamond cutter, you have been cleansing and polishing your outer self to better reflect the brilliance and purity that lies within just under the surface waiting to emerge as sparkle and shine.

更高能力的真實測試就是在任何時刻,全然停留在【愛的能量】中,甚至是當你的認知十分清楚的明白其他人潛在的動機是明顯在有所隱瞞的時候也是如此。只是觀察,不要判斷或者做出任何回應。練習以溫和與慈悲的方式去愛。這 只是一個臨時的階段,確實會給你帶來一些不舒適,但是這是你走入下一步之前的必經之路,進入更高的覺知與洞察力,繼續你自身的大師之路。就好像一把鑽石切 割器,你正在清洗與拋光你的外在表像,更好的反射出隱藏在表面下的光華與純淨,它正等待著以閃耀和出眾的姿態浮現自己。

Your Light now reaches a much greater distance around your physical body and can have an effect on the energy fields of those with whom you come in contact. This will grow in its power so it is most important that you practice inner and outer discipline and walk the way of peace and harmony so that all that you touch will be empowered and blessed. Staying balanced in your daily life is key and when you feel yourselves out of alignment in any way, bring yourselves back into balance as quickly as you can. You have at your disposal many tools that have been presented and now is the time for you to use them. Self discipline is another requisite to the Mastery of self along with discernment and can only be administered by your intention.

你 們現在發出的光芒圍繞著你的身體抵達了更遠的距離,能夠有力的影響那些與你接觸之人的能量場。它將不斷增長影響力,因此最重要的就是---進行你內在與外 在的訓練,以和平與和諧的方式待人處事,以使得你接觸的一切都得以授予力量並被祝福。在你每日的生活中處在平衡中是關鍵,當你以任何的方式感覺自己脫離校 准的平衡時,以自己最快的速度把自己重新帶入到平衡中。你有著可以任意支配的工具,它們一直存在著,現在就是時候去為自己使用它們了。【自律精神】就是另一個不可或缺的組成,帶著不斷提升的洞察力走向自我精通之路,並且也只能通過你自身的意願來管理與操作。

Try to filter every happening through your heart chakra so that you train yourselves to be a heart centered person rather than one who processes through the mind. Many times, the heart will lead you straight to the core of a matter with a directness and clarity that will bring you freedom from all confusion or doubt. Know that you are each Loved beyond measure and enfolded always in the energy of the Angels as you walk upon this World in service to the Divine Plan for the highest good of all.


Until next week…
I AM Hilarion


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