Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! As the heralded2012 approaches, we encompass each of you in a vector and field ofUnconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. Weknow you by heart, by tone, by name. It has always been so!



You are entering 2012, the 12th Wave of the Ascension ...and so much awaits you. The anticipation in palpable, in both your physicalrealm, and ours. Oh Dear Human, can you feel it !



The entry of 2012 will be quite different than your typicalJanuary for many on the planet. Rather than an energetic decline that oftenoccurs after your holiday season, there will not be the 'January doldrumsblues'. Rather a quickening, an excitement, a crisp energy that will sharpenimmensely after the new moon of January 23.

2012年門檻將會和你們以往經歷的一月有很大不同。通常,在你們的假期結束後,會有一段能量下降期,而今年,這種“一月情緒低迷期”不再會發生。相反,在 一月23日 ,你們將會經歷一個不斷加速的清爽而快樂的能量加速期。


And so we speak on the nature of Light and of the AngelicBeings of Light. And we tell you in emphatic sincerity, you are all at source,amazing Beings of Divine Light. Angels are indeed, among you.



Guardian Angels


That you terms as Guardian Angels are in truth a uniquemelding of an aspect of your higher self with the Divine. A succinct energyfield that may be termed a 'thought form' is created and energetically fed& filtered by your individual soul in conjunction with Angelic Forces inprimary format. This field of 'Guardianship' can be expressed in myriadpartnerships. These partnerships can include members of your 'soul-group' bothin and above the physical realm. Angelics and 'deities that you pray tointermesh with your higher self to form a unique 3rd energy, both part of youand the 'Angelic', but with a somewhat separate identity. For example if youpray to Ganesh, or to Saint Germane or to an Archangel , that energy fieldbecomes a 'personalized' guardian partner. This energy is also quite capable ofinteracting with you in the form of a 'Totem' or through a household pet.



Symbiotic Levels of Hierarchy


I, Metatron exist on two separate but symbiotic levels, themost familiar and accessible to humanity is as Archangel Metatron, yet on thehigher level, I exist as Metatron, Lord of Light, but even this analogy cannotencompass or define my nature, and is only capable of doing so in aspectualterms.


As 'Lord of Light, I am a generator of the base units ofrealities, and universes. This level is devoid of what you would termpersonality. It is analogous to an engine, a divine conscious computer, ofenergy intensities beyond the gamma, illumination unimaginable to you. Andthere are levels well beyond me.



As Archangel Metatron, I nurture life.



I communicate with the channel Tyberonn not in words, butin light code 'packets'. He receives this communication by pre-earth agreement.A 'contract', if you will, of service for these times. In higher aspectTyberonn is originally Pleiadean, and a member of the Cosmic Council of Light.We have had service together in other sojourns and dimensions. These codes areemitted from my higher aspect, transduced on the Archangelic level, andreceived in his higher self, intact for interpretation and transcription.



It can be said that on the higher aspect, I contain theplurality source, generate and emit the geometric frequencial consciousnesscodes of all that are transduced into the Angelic Realm of Light. As such thereis both a hierarchal and non hierarchal aspect of the Angelic Realm, that isself determined by conscious crysto-light and light physics. It can be saidthat the Light-Beings of the Angelic Realm, in Metatronic terms, are consciousunits of 'Source Divine Thought' and Beyond-Thought that create Light and'Beyond Light.



The Angelics of the Metatronic Realm generate and embellishCoded-Light. Such light intermelds matter, antimatter, time and space. This isobviously not a conceptual view of Angelic function that is held by the massesof humanity, much less understood. However, in this context lies the glue thatirrevocably adheres the sacred scientific to the sacred spiritual aspect ofreality that forms the integral unified circle, key to humanity's evolvingbeyond duality.



Indeed in the present era of Ascension, you are evolving inability to absorb greater light, and light is TRUTH, Universal Cosmic Truth ofAll That Is. The enigma that has obstructed full unity of humanity'sconsciousness in duality, especially in your present, is that science hasomitted the sacred and the spiritual has excluded the scientific.

實際上,在目前的提升階段,你們吸收光的能力正在增強,光是“真實”,宇宙所有本源的本質。尤其在你們目前的階段,阻礙了在二元世界中的人類意識的統一的, 是你們目前科學和精神世界的分離的現狀– 科學完全忽視了神聖的精神領域,而精神領域也將科學完全排除在外。


It may then surprise some of you to know that there areHierarchies of Angelics dedicated in functional purpose to what you may term asKeepers of Physics. In that role, we are conscious constructs of the 'Laws ofPhysics' that enable dimensional realities. And we realize that the idea ofangels being scientists and engineers will confuse most of you. We are smiling!



We tell you that the new metaphysicians, the newLight-workers' and Earth-Keepers, in your vernacular, are the scientists.Indeed those you refer to as the 'Crystal Children' are the 'sacred-savant'scientists that will in the next generations complete the circle ofunderstanding and join the spiritual with the scientific. They will not bereligious in the traditional sense, but we tell you, humanity will come closerto understanding 'God' through science than through religion. It is the missingpiece of the puzzle.



Ascended Masters


Throughout the eons, humanity has tended to considerAscended Masters, Spiritual Teachers, Group Councils, Deities and benevolentExtra Terrestrials as Angels. They are not.



The Cosmic Council of Light, Ascended Masters, theSirian-Pleiadean Alliance , are unified entities that operate generally inCouncils. These are representative and advisory disciplines that expresstenets, principles, theories and beliefs associated with a body of knowledge.The Cosmic Council of Light is composed primarily of highly advanced beingsthat have experienced and completed the lessons of physical duality, and havechosen to empathically assist humanity. Likewise many of the Sirian-PleiadeanAlliance have experienced life on earth.

宇宙光之議會,提升大師,天狼-昴 宿星盟友們,是統一的的組織,他們中大部分人以議會的形式運作著。他們作為代表,以及建議者,表達著和一種知識體系相關的原則,理論和信仰。宇宙光之議會 主要由高度發展的生命組成,他們中絕大部分都經歷過並且完成了二元物理世界的課程。他們的仁愛之心使他們選擇來到地球幫助人類。很多生活在地球上的天狼-昴宿星盟友們也在擔任著相同的工作。


God's Image


There are myriad life forms of Divine Intelligence in theCosmos that have 'bodies' vastly different from the forms you have on earth.These are also created in 'God's Image'. And so understand the image of Godthat is life, is conscious light, is LOVE.



The Angelic Realm


Dear Ones, the state of 'Enlightenment' is just that, it isBeingness within Light...Integral Coherent Crystalline Light. The Ascension isaround the Crystalline transition of the planet Earth. In kind, thiscrystalline transition makes available not only greater access to higherdimensions, but also the shift of humanity into Mer-Ka-Na, Crystalline LightBody. The Mer-Ka-Na is able to absorb more light, you see, and thus allows youto carry greater energy as you become capable of interfacing moresynergistically into crystalline dimension and the Angelic Realm.



The Angelic Kingdom is greatly misunderstood in certainaspects of its nature and core purpose.



Angels are indeed 'Messengers of God'. But what does thatmean?



Angels are Multidimensional Beings of Light that serve afar greater function than guardianship and bearing of messages. We will attemptto review the greater aspect of Angels, but before we do, we will tell you thatas Beings of Light, Angels are conscious Beings of the Divine Essence of thekey frequency for assisting humanity evolve...and that is Love. We add thecaveat, that Love is a frequency far more complex and much much higher thanjust the emotional feeling you think of as love. LOVE is a complex science.

天 使是多維度空間的存有,他們的工作遠不止保衛,傳送資訊那麼簡單。我們會試著告訴告訴你們更多關於天使的事情,但是在此之前,你們要知道,作為光之存有, 天使是神聖本質的意識存有,這神聖本質對於人類的進化是重要的,而這本質,是愛。我們要補充一點,我們所說的愛是比你們所認為的感情上的愛複雜得多的能 量。愛是非常複雜的科學。


As we have told you **previously, **the highest form ofLove is 'Unconditional Love'. And whilst Unconditional Love can be sought fromthe stance of the 3rd dimension, it can only be grasped from the level of the5th dimension. That is because Unconditional Love is integral, and the3rd-dimension is a conditional (not unconditional) plane. Those of you whoachieve the initial aspects of Unconditional Love, only do so on the level ofthe fifth dimension, you see.



Angels As Place Holders of Physics


You think of Angels as nurturing guardians, messengers of'God'. We are that and more. Most of you will agree Angels are 'Beings ofLight'. In the latter definition you encompass a Truth that is vastly more farreaching than the initial description. Beings of Light, Angels, are the placeholders of the Laws of Physics, conscious in scopes you cannot even imagine.



Angels have a reciprocal nature and aspect in dimensionalLight, meaning that Angelics exist within the field of antimatter in FractalLight and fold inward into physical realms in Geometric Light. In so doing theyare core energetic holders that consciously hold the special laws of dimensionsintact.



Angels are without form, occupy no physical space; in yourterms, we have no mass. We are Divine Thought and intact in manifestation. Weare 'tonal' and have a spectrum of frequency at our disposal. That frequency isLOVE.



We tell you that there is both a plural and singular aspectwithin the Angelic Realm. And while it may seem paradoxical, even the'singular' aspect of Archangels is plural in consciousness content.Accordingly, individual names humanity assigns to Archangels are more to do withhumanity's limited concept of Angelic attributes than to an individualBeingness. You interpret Angelics and Light Beings as having 'personalities'and gender. We are indeed 'personable' in our intermeld with humanity, andwhile that aspect abolutely is endearing and nurturing, we are non-gendered.What you interpret as 'personality' is the nurturing of the vibration of home.



In Truth we are reflections of attributes of the mostpowerful energy in the Cosmos, and that is LOVE. Yet our essence is receivedand interpreted to humanity in duality as having attributes you logicallyconsider to be individual personalities.

事實上,我們代表著宇宙中最強的能量特性- 博愛。然而我們的本質被人類所接受並在二元世界中被人類的邏輯解釋為多種獨立的“性格”。


We are Divine Mind with loving nurturing aspect, devoid ofego, devoid of what you term negative emotion. We support, we hold energy inplace, and do so as a fundamental purpose. Love is our foundation.



Humanity's Angelic Images


Although humanity assigns gendered names to Archangels, theAngelic Realm is androgynous; in your terms, neither male or female. Becauseyou consider certain attributes of LOVE, such as nurturing and compassion asfeminine, and attributes such as strength to be masculine, you give gender toAngelics. Gender only exist in polarity.



Even the energies you refer to as 'Mother Earth', and'Divine Mother', are labeled as female because you assign nurturing as a femalecharacteristic. Such terms, such syntax, are attached to polarity concepts, andin the greater paradigm are somewhat constrictive & limiting of the trueintegral nature in the greater paradigm opening in 2012.



We are far above polarity. We are integral. The Beings ofLight that are of the Angelic Realm are plural/multi-dimensional forms ofintegral conscious energy. Our plurality consciousness is the reason we oftendo not refer to our selves or relate our messages to you in the ' I ' ofsingular pronoun. Yet in seeming paradox, we are also singular in unification.



Humans tend to create images of Angels that are responsibleto some degree for the misconceptions around their true nature. Your paintingsand murals depict either muscular male figures, females with feathered wings,or a host of miniature cherubs. Angels are neither male nor female in theirBeingness. Gender is an aspect of polarity/duality. And of course Angels do nothave wings, feathers or even the grandiose humanesque forms.. We are by nomeans offended by such images, these are simply artist's mental images thatreplicate and reinforce some of the misconceptions.



Many of your religious texts and scriptures tell you that'God' created mankind in 'His' own image. You even see 'God' as a patriarchalmale with a humanesque body. It is the same mental thought process thatlogically images Angels as having human form. Such celestial images powerfullyinfluence your thoughts and emotions, and thus it is natural that you createunderstandable images to facilitate your interfacing with the Divine.



It may be of interest for you to know that Dolphins in youroceans 'see' Angelic as having a dolphin form. In truth Angelics are formlesslight. Each life form perceives them in filtered interpretation that allows forfamiliar interface.




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