Dear Ones bear in mind that it is your beliefs that can hold you back, so it is particularly important this year you have an open mind. As it progresses so greater truths will come out, and depending on the source you will be wise to carefully consider what is being given. Certainly the final decision is up to you alone and no on else can take responsibility, but this is a time to be honest with yourself and follow your hearts prompting. As your consciousness levels increase, so you will be able to discern the truth more easily, and slowly build up your understanding. You have had many lives and opportunities to push on with your spiritual evolution, and now you have reached the very last chance to join all of those who have already prepared for Ascension. Of course some will continue to have little or no interest, having made their decision to have further experience in the 3rd. dimension. Allow for such souls who are entitled as much as anyone else to follow their own path.

親愛的,請記住,拖住你自己的一直都是頑固的信仰,因此在今年保持一顆【開放的心靈】是特別重要的。有這麼多的真相就要被揭示,對於資訊源頭放出的資訊你需要去做的就是小心的甄別真偽。當然,最後的決定權一直都是你的,其他人不能為你負起這個責任,因此,請對自己誠實並且跟隨你心靈的鼓勵。也 由於你們的意識層次不斷的提高,你也可以更簡單的識別出真相,慢慢的建立起自我的認知。你們已經度過了許多次的轉生經歷,也有著許多的機會把自己放置在靈 性進化的過程上,那麼,你現在就已經獲得了這最後的機會,加入到所有已經準備好揚升之人的行列中。當然一些人依舊還是興致缺乏甚至毫無興趣,已經對他們自 己未來的體驗做出了自己的決定---繼續體驗3D維度。請允許這些靈魂走自己的路,就像其他靈魂跟隨自己的道路一樣。

Much activity still takes place and we have every expectation of a major breakthrough very soon. We are helped quite considerably by those of you who are not just standing up for the truth, but getting out and about to spread it far and wide. It has the affect of changing the energies to a much higher vibration, and along with other efforts to bring more Light to Earth is helping transmute the lower energies. We could force the changes but that is not the way we work and it is best that we do so together, as it is important that you create your own pace of progress. There are of course matters that are directly our own responsibility, and we are absolutely on course as planned. Have no fears whatsoever, as the Galactic Federation is a formidable player in the game that is being played. Victory is already ours and that also means that you your path to Ascension has been cleared, and nothing can prevent a grand completion that shall be celebrated throughout the Universe.

許 多的活動都在發生著,我們非常希望在近期內取得大的突破。那些還沒有堅定擁護真相人也以自己的方式清楚的幫助了我們,他們也預備要更廣更遠的傳播真相。它 已經影響了能量轉變到一個更高的振動中,隨著其他人不斷努力的把更多的聖光帶給地球,這正幫助著轉變較低的能量。我們確實可以強制實行轉變,但是這不是我 們做事的方式,最好的方式就是我們一起來做這份工作,因為很重要的一點就是--你們創造著自己過程的進度。當然會有些問題直接關係到我們的責任,我們也當 然會如計畫的那樣去做。不管怎麼樣,你們都不要擔心害怕,銀河聯邦是這出正在上演劇本中的強大角色。勝利已經是我們的,這也就意味著你們揚升的道路已經被 清理完成,沒有什麼可以阻止完全的完結,將會有巨大的慶祝響徹整個宇宙。

When you are informed that you are Human Angels we know it is hard to comprehend and many find it hard to accept. However, we would not mislead you and it is time that you learnt the truth about yourselves. Part of your problem is that you have been made to feel worthless and not given the respect you deserve. Indeed, it has affected relationships between you all and you have also failed to respect each other. Your problems as a Human Race go back thousands of years, when you fell further and further into the pit of darkness. Getting out of has resulted in a scramble where your instinct has meant that only the fittest and strongest have survived, and it has been like that ever since. However, in recent times the Light has penetrated that hard outer skin and lit up your hearts, so that love and compassion have grown. Now you have considerable forces of Lightworkers who are standing up and speaking their piece, and it is helping others to realize their special place in the Universe. You are all great souls remembering who you really are and preparing to take your place with us.

當你們被告知是【人形天使】的時候,我們知道這很難領會,許多人甚至很難去接受。但是,我們不會誤導你,現在的時刻就是你們要學會這個關於自我的真相。你們部分的問題是對於自身的無價值感,不應得享有本應得的一切。誠 然,這也已經影響到你們所有人之間的關係,你們也因此不再去尊重彼此。作為人類種族,你們的問題要回溯到幾千年前,那個時候你們更深的跌落到黑暗的深淵 裏。在不斷的攀登中你們正在脫離出來,因為你們的本能註定是最能勝任,且會堅強的生存下來,從那時到現在一直是如此。但是在近期,聖光的力量已經貫穿了外 在的堅硬皮膚,提升了你們的心靈意識,這讓【愛與慈悲】得以成長。現在你們擁有了重要的光之工作者們的力量,他們正在站出來並且道出自己的宣言,幫助著其他人也瞭解到自己在宇宙中的特殊位置。你們全部都是偉大的靈魂,請記住自己的真實樣子,準備好取得與我們相等的位置。

By the end of the year those of you who chose to ascend will be ready, and will have changed quite considerably to what you are now. The main difference will be in your levels of consciousness which are going to greatly expand in the very near future. In that you will have our help including technologies that can speed up the whole process. This is quite in order and in general terms all knowledge will be programmed into you, as there is no need to spend considerable time studying as you are used to doing. In time you will directly tap into the Universal Consciousness, and acquire levels of Christ Consciousness that will take you anywhere that you desire. You will have overcome the limitations that are holding you back at present.

在 今年的末尾,那些已經選擇揚升的人將準備好,並且對於現在來說會取得非常大的轉變。主要的不同將是意識層次的差異,這將在非常近的未來繼續更大的擴展。在 這個過程中,你們將得到我們科技的幫助,這會加速整個過程。情況會相當的良好,大體上的所有知識將被編程灌輸給你們,因此就不需要花費大量的時間去學習, 好讓自己習慣去做。很快你們會直接接近於宇宙的意識層次,並且獲得【基督意識】,這將讓你以自己的意願去任何地方。你們將超越當前所有的限制條件。

Many leaders cannot yet think in terms of peaceful co-existence, and still find it difficult to trust each other. That is something that we shall involve ourselves in as you the people are demanding it, together with an end to all wars. We shall provide the backcloth that will prevent any country taking up arms against another, and ensure that it is not violated. We have simple peaceful means of doing so by making war impossible, and making all weapons of war unusable. The money and energy spent on arming for war over millennia of time could have given you all good standards of living. The destruction and loss of life has been in direct disobedience of God's Laws, which is why you have created such severe karma. However, many have moved beyond such levels of darkness and evil. The battle between the Light and Dark is all but over, and the Light is about to take a momentous step forward so that all shall see the direction that Humanity is going in.

許 多的領導人還不能以和平共處的想法思考問題,依舊很難去信任彼此。但是你們正在要求,這也是我們將把自己包括進來的事務,團結一起結束所有的戰爭。我們將 提供後備力量,這將阻止任何國家之間的武力衝突,並且確保這個條件不被違反。我們只希望和平,這意味著讓所有的戰爭都停止,讓所有的武器失效。對於持續了 千年的戰爭而浪費的金錢和能量資源,本可以讓所有人過上幸福的生活。大自然的毀滅和生命的損失已經直接違背了造物主的法則,這也是為何你們當前創造了這麼 多嚴峻的業力問題。但是,許多的情況已經超越了黑暗與惡魔的層次。光明與黑暗的戰鬥就要全部結束,聖光的力量就要取得極其重要的一步,所有人都會看到整個 人類的發展走向。

As we have often stated of late, the dark Ones are making their final attempts to cause fear but it will no longer have the affects they hope for, and that will deny them the energy they feed off. Stay calm and know what is happening without giving any of your energy to them. We would rather you saw them as lost souls and as such give of your love to them, so that they may one day return to the Light, as they surely will. No soul is ever lost for all time, and God with great compassion surrounds them with love that will ignite their Godsparks once again. In their own way they have served a great purpose, by showing you what can happen when you lose your way and are engulfed by darkness.


Many of you have achieved remarkable progress over the last few years in lifting your vibrations, and are carrying the Light for Humanity. It is what you came to do, and you are part of a wonderful assembly that incarnated especially to help others and see Ascension take place. So much of your work has gone on quietly behind the scenes, but now it is reaching the time when you should be able to step forward and complete your life plan. Disclosure moves ever nearer and that will release many people who can openly speak of their truth through personal experience. What exciting times are just around the corner and we await our own opportunity to speak with you through your media systems. We have much to tell you about, and are already fully prepared for that occasion.

你 們許多人都已經取得了非凡的進展,就在過去的幾年中不斷提升著自己的振動,並且為人類帶來了聖光力量。這就是你們來此地要做的事情,你們是一個奇妙無比的 集會的一份子,特別在這個時期轉生到此,幫助其他人,見證偉大揚升的發生。你們許多人的工作已經在幕後得到了不斷發展,那麼現在抵達的時刻就是你們能夠大 步朝前走,完成自己的人生課程。大揭露已經如此接近,這會讓許多人站出來,通過自己的親身體驗說出自己的真相。就在前方轉角處是多麼激動人心的時刻啊!我 們等待著自己的機會,通過你們的媒體系統向你們述說一切。我們有許多想要告訴你們的,並且已經為了這個場景全面準備好。

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you on behalf of our teams who feel so pleased and privileged to take part in such a great event as your Ascension.




Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website:Tree of the Golden Light



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