【大天使加百利】2012114 《被稱為寧靜的愛》



Beloved Ones,



I wish to have discourse on the quality of Love calledsilence. When One goes into silence, it is an act of Love for Self for it iswithin One’s inner workings, within One’s heart, that the true authentic Selfis found. By practicing silence periodically, a connection to the Divine withinyou is established and a greater flow of guidance and direction flows to you.In silence then, away from worldly distractions, is found the truths thatsustain and nourish and feed One’s Soul and Spirit.



Practicing silence within opens up different perceptionsand perspectives that might otherwise never have come to light. It is insilence that One comes to know Oneself with clarity and truth, once all theouter noise of One’s daily thoughts and to do lists are quieted. In this sacredspace is found greater meaning and purpose to One’s life, a communion withhigher aspects of Oneself that uplift, inspire and empower One’s Being. It isin times of inner silence that many great ideas and works are born and broughtinto manifestation to be shared with others.



When One sits in silence, the energy that permeates yourenergy field or aura is filled with particles of golden Light, for a connectionwith the Divine within you has been established and a feeling of bliss may comeupon you. In silence many treasures from within you are found. In silence aflow of Divine creativity takes place and begins to blossom into manifestation.In silence many profound and empowering thoughts and remembrance’s of One’s ownDivine nature come to the surface of awareness and a greater confidence inOne’s abilities ventures forth.



In One’s interactions with others, it is many times an actof Love to maintain silence when the speaking of words would wound or hurtanother. Silence can bring unity and healing in relationships with others.Silence can bring greater clarity and awareness in any situation that does notfeel comfortable. The act of silence reinforces One’s inner knowing andintuitive promptings. There is a vast richness to be tapped into when Onepractices this quality of Love. Inner silence is a time to nurture and giveLove to yourself for it is only when you can Love yourself that you can thentruly Love another.


In silence, One becomes an observer of the flow of life allaround you and opens the door to different dimensions of consciousness thatreveal many wonders and miracles. The portals of imagination open wide andjoyful and playful journeys to other realms can take place. Silence is filledwith poignant and endless possibilities as One traverses the rays of Light withthe Angels. Silence brings a deep appreciation of beauty in all its wondrousforms.

在寧靜中,人們會變成他們 圍生命之流的觀察者,寧靜會打開不同維度意識的大門,從而向人們揭示很多奇跡。想像力的大門會大大地敞開,從而開始你們快樂而有趣的在其他領域的心的旅行。寧靜充滿了靜靜而打動人心的美,當人們在寧靜中和天使們一起進行光之旅行的時候,寧靜帶給人們無窮的可能性。寧靜帶給人們一種對周圍一切美好事物深深的感激讚美之情。

Silence is a profound gift of Love to Oneself that fillsyou with a sense of peace, balance, equilibrium and a sense of the rightness ofyour place in the world. Upon the wings of silence, I leave you now to ponderon my words.



I AM Archangel Gabriel


通靈者:Marlene Swetlishoff




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