If anyone doubted that time has speeded up, you have only to consider the speed at which the first two months have passed, and so it shall continue right through to Ascension. The call for freedom from your oppressors has been answered and their ability to cause further problems has been addressed, and they no longer have the powerful bases that maintained their hold over you. They may seek to change matters, but it is now beyond their scope to reverse the affect of the actions against them. Their roles have been reduced to ones of only a nuisance value, and soon their activities will have all but evaporated as their power structure is taken apart. Having come thus far it only remains for us to remove the Illuminati, and a major part of our mission will have been completed.

如 果有任何人質疑時間是否加速了,那麼僅僅需要考慮下前兩個月逝去的速度就可以明白,而這速度也將繼續下去直到揚升的發生。從你們的壓迫者那裏呼籲的自由也 已經得到了回應,他們製造更多問題的能力已經被處理,不再有基礎的力量維持淩駕於你們的霸權。他們也許會試圖改變事情的發展,不過這是超過他們能力範圍 的,不可能扭轉針對他們行為的影響。他們的角色已經淪落為無實力的討厭之人,很快他們的活動都將蒸發,因為他們權力的結構已經崩潰。到目前為止遺留的問題 就是對光照派的移除,只要做到了我們任務的一個主要部分就可以完成。

Our allies with our help are doing all they can to push the media to return to true and factual reporting, and to remove the gags and censorship that has been used to hide the truth from you. With so much going on we would like to see them bring you up to date reports of the worldwide resignations, and arrests of top people involved in criminal acts. Such information will serve to give others the confidence to come forward, and help cleanse banking and politics from the immoral and unscrupulous activities of those who only work for self. You can expect some astonishing events very soon that will show without doubt, that the old paradigm has been shattered never to rise once again.

我 們的盟友在我們的幫助下做著最積極的工作,盡全力讓媒體回到真實與正確報導中,清理這些阻礙與審查系統,它們阻止了真相向你們公示。我們做著這麼多工作的 目的就是為了看到它們給你們帶來世界範圍辭職的報導,逮捕犯罪活動中的尖端成員。這類的資訊將服務於給予大眾對於來臨時期的信心,幫助清理銀行業與政治界 的不道德的活動,那些只為自己工作的人。你們可以期待一些驚人的事件很快發生,它們將毫無疑問的展示出,這舊有的範型已經破碎不再回來。

Be assured that as the old is being dismantled, so its replacements are ready to fill the vacuum. It has been planned so that the inconvenience to you is kept to a minimum. There will be short periods of difficulty, as the changes are massive and something of a challenge even for us. However, as with every other aspect of our mission the object is to quickly introduce you to the new technologies, and provide you with the necessary means to become self sufficient. We want to make you as free as possible to enjoy what we have brought you, that will lift you up into the next level of experience. By then we will have made full contact with you, and we shall have established a good working relationship together. Life will change for the better in such a short time, and waves of happiness will sweep across the world.

請 相信,由於舊範型的拆除,也有著準備去替代其中的中空狀態。它已經被計畫好,以便把麻煩減小到最低程度。確實會有短暫的困難時期,因為轉變將是大規模的, 一些事情對我們來說甚至也是挑戰。不過,隨著我們任務其他方面的進展,既定的目標很快就會介紹給你們,新的科技,盡可能的提供給你們便利而實現自給自足。 我們希望讓你們盡可能自由的去享受我們帶給你的豐盛,這將提升你們進入體驗的下一個層次。至那以後,我們將與你們全面接觸,我們將也已經建立起一種良好的 合作關係。生活將會轉變,在短期內更美好,幸福的浪湧將席捲整個世界。

For now Dear Ones, live life with full expectations of what is to come, as there will no disappointments and our promises fulfilled. We will welcome the opportunity to meet you and detail what lies ahead, as there are in some instances confusion over what you may expect. However, there is absolutely no doubt that however much your paths may wander, you will have the opportunity to ascend. Be under no illusion about the end times, as it is the end of an era that has seen you tested and tried to the limits, all in the interests of acquiring experience of duality. Your service has been one of extreme sacrifice, having left the comfort and beauty of the higher realms to step into the unknown. It is no wonder that each soul is viewed with such great admiration and love.

到 目前為止,親愛的,充滿期待的生活就要到來了,因為前方沒有失望,我們的承諾都會予以履行。我們將愉悅的歡迎與你們見面的機會,處理前方的問題,對於你們 來說依舊有些混淆的地方要弄明白。但是,也絕對的毫無疑問,不管怎麼樣你們都有許多的道路可以去期待,你們將得到揚升的機會。對於結束的時刻不存在虛妄, 因為這就是一個時代的結束,你們已經受到了測試,也已經厭倦了其中的限制,你們也已經獲得了二元性的全部體驗。你們犧牲了一切來服務二元性遊戲,離開了舒 適與美麗的更高實相,步入未知的領域。這就難怪你們每個靈魂都受到了最大的尊崇與愛戴。

Matters have reached a point where you can almost expect some great gains on a weekly basis, as many changes have advanced so rapidly. It is a question as to whether such developments can be relayed to you through one of the news outlets. Certainly the Internet is more open and free, but you have to search to find such sources. Eventually, and sooner rather than later, there will be a clamor to report factual accounts of what is going on, as otherwise certain agencies will be left behind. So we do not have too much concern in this connection, as the truth will be too good to miss and make sensational headlines. Too few people have controlled the media for a very long time, but it has become harder for the cabal to promote the lies that have been thrust before you. You have for some time now awakened to the manner in which you have been led by those with their own agenda. In the near future it will all change and you will finally be able to trust what you are told.

事 情的發展已經抵達一個重點位置,在這裏你們差不多可以在每週的生活中期待一些巨大的贏得之物,因為許多的轉變已經進展的如此快速。有一個問題就是這類的發 展是不是能夠通過新聞的報導重播給你們。肯定的是,在互聯網上是更加的開放與自由,不過你們必須找到這類的資訊源。最終,並且宜早不宜遲,會出現來自媒體 的大聲請求報導事情發展的真相,而其他的一些媒介將落後。所以對於這些方面我們並不擔心,因為真相的傳播由於其轟動效應是誰都不願錯過的。很少一部分人已 經控制著媒體太長的時間,不過對於黑暗勢力來說向你們推銷謊言是越來越困難了。你們已經覺醒了一段時間,不再受騙於那些企圖把你們引入自身陰謀的傢伙。在 近未來全部都會轉變,你們最終將能夠去相信被告知的新聞。

These are powerful times when you can visualize what you desire from life, and it will become your creation. So think positively and do not allow any fear laden messages to deflect you from your path. Certainly there will be areas where the affects of the changes will impinge upon people, but help will be at hand particularly now many of you are bonding together. It will grow, and with our coming and your release from the dark Ones, and those differences that have been played upon to keep you apart will disappear. At last you will realize that you are One and work with each other for the betterment of all. Without the imposition of poverty and the denial of your rights, Humanity would long ago have united, because at heart you are of a group conscious level that seeks unity amongst all people.


Now is the time to release any baggage you carry from this and earlier lives. With consciousness levels rising, you will be able to identify and cut off links with that which has no place with your ascended self. Indeed, what was acceptable in recent times may now be found to be out of place, as you raise your vibrations. The new you is rising up out of the ashes of the old you, and you are creating an embodiment that is appropriate for Ascension that you will know as your crystalline body. That in itself will assure you of having a healthy life, that is free from the illnesses and disease associated with the low vibrations of the 3rd. dimension.

現 在的時刻就是拋棄你所有的負載包袱,那些來自你們今生與過去世的負擔。隨著意識層次的不斷提升,你們將能夠鑒別並切斷不再符合你揚升意志的一切。確實,在 當前的時刻,過去可以接納的一切也已發現不再和諧,因為你們在提高著自己的振動。全新的你正在不斷浮現,沖掉過去的你,你正在創造一個更符合揚升的自我化 身,你將知道自己會成為水晶結構。在其中將確保你們有一個健康的生活,從疾病中解脫出來,那些只符合于較低振動的三維空間。

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know you will find us most sympathetic and helpful to your needs, but it would be even better if more of you knew about us. We mention again the need to spread the news about the changes, but in a way that is not overbearing or too forceful. It will help to ease the likely shock, experienced by those who are totally unaware as to what is about to transpire. At first many people will become fearful, until they understand that our coming is a most natural occurrence. It happens whenever a civilization reaches a point in their evolution, when they are prepared on a conscious level to understand and accept their links to the Star Beings. You are at that stage now, but it will take many unaware as they have no perception or understanding of their true family. We come with love to share with you.

我 是來自天狼星的SaLuSa,並且明白你們會發現我們是多麼的關切你們的需求,不過你們更多的瞭解我們將是更好的。我們再次向你們提出對於向他人傳播轉變 的必要性,不過請以一種不強迫的方式。這會幫助緩和一些人受到驚嚇的可能,對於那些毫不知情的人來說要經驗即將發生的事情可能造成的影響。首先許多人會非 常的恐懼,直到他們理解我們的到來是極其自然的發生之事。當一個文明抵達進化的重要點時就會發生,這個時候他們就處於一種意識的層次,準備好理解並接受與 星際存有們的連接。你們現在就處於這個階段,不過會有很多人不知情,因為他們對於自己的真實家人沒有觀念或者理解力。我們帶著愛與你們分享。

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.
Website:Tree of the Golden Light


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