【揚升大師 Hilarion】2012年3月18日---25日資訊更新

Beloved Ones,

As you each go through your cleansing and releasing process, you are finding that you are beginning to feel a sense of mastery as you complete the learning, comprehension and understanding that these events have brought to you and the opportunity for greater spiritual growth and evolution that has taken place within you. Life is ever evolving and in these times this growth has been moving forward in leaps and bounds! Each Soul on Earth has been experiencing the changes taking place within them with amazing grace. It has been a mighty struggle to swim upstream against the current of ingrained and well established structures and you have all come through with flying colors.


由 於你們在進行自我的清理與釋放的過程,你們開始感覺到自己越來越能精通它們,在這些事情帶給你的時候去完成學習,理解和知曉的過程,並且得到讓靈性更多成長的機會,同時自我的不斷進化也在你的內在開始發生。生命總是在不斷進化的,那麼在當前時刻的狀態就是量子跳躍式的進展了!地球上的每個靈魂已經體驗到了 自身內在發生的轉變,同時帶著奇異的恩典。一直有著一種巨大的鬥爭逆向對抗著當前根深蒂固與頑固的結構,而你們所有人都已經帶著飛揚的斑斕色彩通過了它們。

Do not doubt for a minute that there can be anything less than Love taking place within the hearts of Humanity, even though all around you there is the mirroring of the opposite. Most every heart upon this Planet is a good heart and one that has, through life’s experiences, closed itself in order to reduce vulnerability to the vicissitudes that have been manifesting in your dualistic World. This World is now quickly becoming redundant and soon there will no longer be any supportive energies for this old paradigm and those around you in every part of it will embody a higher consciousness and propensity to create peace, harmony and understanding between all people everywhere.

任 何一刻都不要懷疑可能在人類的心靈之中出現的低於愛的頻率情況,即使在你的周圍全都是反映出對立面時你也要理解這種情況存在的客觀性。在這個星球上大多數人的心靈都是善良的,一些人表示不友好,是因為他們生活的體驗遭致自己關閉了心靈,目的是降低自己弱點的暴露,因為在你們二元性的世界裏人心不古已經司空 見慣。當前的世界正在快速的消減,很快將不再存在有任何支持它的能量和為這個舊的實相充能,而那些圍繞你的一切,每個部分將體現出一種更高的意識覺知並偏向創造和平,和諧與理解,並在任何地方的人群之間發生。

When the Human heart can begin to want and to expect a higher good and outcome for themselves and all their brothers and sisters, this shift in consciousness will rapidly accelerate profound changes in all aspects of life on Earth. When each person loves, respects and honors themselves for their true state of Being as a Divine child of God, worthy of all that is good and right and is willing to uphold this in their every action, thought, word and deed, then there will no longer be any need to protect themselves from others, for all people will then be self motivated to express only that which brings about a similar expression in each other.

當 人類的心靈開始希望並尋求一種更高的良善,為自己和所有的兄弟姐妹們創造更完美的結果,這個在意識層次的轉變將迅速加快其意義深遠的轉變,展現在地球生活的方方面面之中。當每個人去愛,尊重與誠懇,回歸自己真實本性的狀態,作為造物主的神聖之子,你就值得擁有所有的良善和權利,而且你會在自己每個行動,想 法和行為中都體現出這樣的本質,隨後你也就不再有必要從與他人的互動中保護自己,因為所有人將隨後表達出這同樣的動機,在彼此之前帶來相似的良善的表達。

This will bring about peace between all peoples and nations and also encourage many incredible innovations and creative solutions to Earth’s most pressing challenges. For it is the individual free will choice of each person on Earth to begin to work together in ways that foster true change in every aspect of life. It will become clear to all that what one person does has an effect on all people everywhere and there will be a great desire within each Human heart to create only that which is positive, uplifting, inspiring and empowering. The choice of each person to come together with others in order that the greater good be accomplished will become the standard throughout the land and will begin an upward spiral into the higher dimensions of existence.

這 將在所有人和國家之間帶來真正的和平,也會鼓勵許多驚人的改革與創造性的解決方法提供給大多數地球人面臨的挑戰。因為這種獨特的自由將使得地球上的每個人開始協同合作,並以這種方式培養在生活中每個方面的真實改變。有種會變得清晰的情況就是,不論在哪里每個人都有著對於其他所有人的影響力,在每個人的心中 將出現一種巨大的願望,于心靈之中創造出那只服務於積極正面,提高,鼓舞人心和可以接納的事物。每個人的選擇將攜帶著對他人的關懷而形成心意一致的想法,這符合更偉大的良善並且將得以完成,且會成為這橫貫五洲大地的標準,並且開始呈現一種螺旋上升的態勢進入到存在的更高維度之中。

The waves of energy are increasing at an astounding rate and this is continuing to imprint every form of life on Earth; all is changing, all is transforming into a new reality - although it is confusing because both realities are in co-existence at this time - it will not continue much longer. The greater Light that is incoming is being assimilated and integrated within each sentient being now and this Light is spreading outward in all directions to effect the highest outcome for All. Continue, Dear Ones, in your quest for mastery of Self and as this is realized, it will contribute greater good for All. You have around you at all times the Angelic Ones who guide and protect you – trust that you are placed in the right place in Divine timing and that all is well.

這 股能量的大潮在以令人驚駭的程度不斷增加著,這正在生活的方方面面中體現出來;一切都在改變,所有事物都在轉變進入到全新的實相中---它導致的混亂是因 為,此刻新與舊的實相同時存在---它不會持續的更久。更偉大的聖光力量正在到來,在吸收與整合現在的每一個有情眾生,這聖光的力量在向所有的方向傳播,以最高的結果影響一切。請繼續,摯愛的親人們,在你們已通曉的任務中,這已經被明瞭,它將貢獻出對於一切更高的良善。在你們的周圍時時刻刻都存在著天使團隊,祂們指引你們,保護你們---要相信你就處在正確的地點,處於神聖的時機內,一切都很好。

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion


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