Dratzo! This moment in your history is a truly precious one! You stand on the edge of a cascade of events which will quite suddenly change your world forever. Mother Earth is now at that watershed which we have mentioned to you before and she is about to merge her two now-separated realms into one. This great and sacred shift is to happen very shortly. The dark cabal that runs your dark surface world still cannot believe that its reign over your world is coming to an end. After all, there are only faint signs that this is happening. Arrests are being made and parts of their inner circles divested of power, yet their rule continues. What they have not yet grasped is that an utterly different reality is very close to materializing. Likewise, they cannot comprehend that we have accepted Heaven's plans for bringing you your freedom. The dark ones take our advice and accompanying warnings with a truly huge 'grain of salt.' Yet they would do well to heed what we say and prepare in some measure for their coming downfall. Energy is sweeping across this world and is about to bring their lamentable creations to an end. A new, all-transforming Light is dawning and is about to engulf these hardened skeptics.

Our fleet stands at the ready for first contact and a multitude of cloaked ships are a constant reminder to the dark that we are present and in service to the Light. Untold numbers of individuals work to bring a new world into being and we are here to support them and to help the many Light-workers in their sacred cause. Each of them knows full well the endless perfidy of this global dark cabal and our task is to assist them as Heaven so instructs. The divine moment is almost here for us, all together, to purge this dark menace from these surface realms. We ask simply that you maintain your state of inner joy and to not let disappointment or doubt mar your pivotal contribution to this sacred joint endeavor. Heaven is almost ready to issue the formal signal for the grand transformation of your world with the sudden appearance of new governance. This will lead quickly to announcements which will take the form of official broadcasts that are to change your world overnight! The new financial and monetary system will bring in a universal prosperity that will power vast changes, putting you on the very brink of full consciousness.
我們的艦隊為第一次接觸時刻準備著,大批的隱身的飛船是對黑暗勢力一個不斷的提醒,提醒它們我們在場並為光服務。成千上萬的(數不清的)個人為實現一個新世界工作著,我們在這支持他們,並在許多光之工作者的神聖事業中幫助他們。他們每一個人都非常清楚地瞭解這個全球範圍的黑暗陰謀集團的無止境的背信棄義,我們的任務是就像天堂指示的那樣去協助光之工作者。那個神聖時刻幾乎就在這了,一塊將黑暗的威脅從地表世界淨化出去。我們僅僅請你們維持你們的內在喜悅狀態,不要讓失望或懷疑玷污你們對這個神聖聯合努力的至關重要的貢獻。天堂幾乎準備好為你們的世界的偉大轉變和新政府(new governance 新管理)的突然出現頒佈信號。這將快速地通向公告,這份公告將以官方廣播的形式宣告就要一夜間改變你們的世界!新的金融和貨幣系統將會帶來普遍的繁榮,將會使巨大的改變提供力量,將你們達到全意識的邊緣。

The numerous Light-workers appointed to their brief but very focused and active provisional terms in office have a truly daunting task before them. It will be necessary for them to use a highly creative approach in order to surmount the culture of lawlessness that has become widely endemic in your global governments, and to this end they have very specific guidelines available to them. The Act of NESARA, which has been kept secret and subject to gag-order, is one of the resources that we recommend to those who are to return government to its true and lawful constitutional and common-law roots. The new governance is to end debt-slavery and return your divine, personal sovereignty to you. We wish these valiant ones in the interim governments to know that any attempt by the dark to return will be summarily negated. The Divine intends to use us a powerful galactic option to guarantee the realization of any and all of Heaven's sacred decrees. Every major work that these new governments carry out will be supported on condition that it uphold your sacred journey to freedom, sovereignty, and full consciousness.

As you grow in knowledge of your true history, your off-planet origins, and the purposes behind your divine personal sovereignty, you will also receive guidance on how to create your new galactic societies and information concerning the logistics of returning you to full consciousness. Federation mentors as well as those appointed by Heaven will instruct you in the many aspects of this very different state of being. Before you go to Agartha you will want to know all about the miracle that happens in your Light-chamber and every detail will be covered during comprehensive discussions between you and your mentors. Much of this learning will make use of our technologies, which allow you to visually and mentally experience the concepts we introduce to you. Knowledge can be imparted in such a way that your memory of these instructions is retained and available for use. These will constitute the 'before' trainings and they will be followed by the experiential full-consciousness etiquette training sessions that can only take place after you become fully conscious.

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you on this special day with good news! Your reality is beginning to manifest its new, prosperous reality. Those in charge of the various world trusts are starting the procedures to release these immense funds. Meanwhile, those who are to bring forth your new style of governance are being directed by their celestial managers to finish compiling their lists of what they intend to accomplish once the oath of office has been administered to them. On the celestial front, the magical event that heralds these marvelous changes in governance is nearing manifestation! We are also asking our secret sacred societies to take their special prayers and rituals to the final appointed moments. You are almost at the point, collectively, where you can begin to easily perceive the first new shoots of your new reality. This is to be a most poignant moment in your global society's history!

As we approach these unprecedented times, there are certain vital topics we want to address with you. First of all, dear Hearts, bear in mind that every last one of us has been playing a part which is now coming to an end. This is when this particular energy cycle gets completed, allowing us all to move on. The dark relishes judgment and discord and the new reality is all about Love. The job before us now is to finish up the end cycles of this reality, which includes separating out those of the dark cabal and the minions who carried out the unfair practices ordered by this cabal. These sundry Beings are to explain these disagreeable activities to you in detail, and it is here that you need to bear in mind the context and higher intent of everybody's involvement in this Earth drama. You can bring completion to this cycle by invoking the Love of forgiveness that constitutes your essence. Then make sure that these individuals slip from power and are fully segregated from you.

We come now to honor this most sacred moment and to bless you all! We come also to assure you that our manifestation among you is to be something wholly natural. We have a lot of divine teachings to impart to you, which are mostly lessons we learned while we progressed from a mortal to an immortal Life. All blessed Beings are in service to the Divine, and this necessitates certain knowledge of the nature of Love, Light, and the natural blessings of Heaven. As you are shortly to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light, you will need to absorb a slew of information, including the responsibilities that come with such knowledge. This will be our joyous service. This schooling is divinely required before your full-on mentoring stage begins, which prepares you to pass into a new wonderland-style existence: full consciousness. It will be our honor to prepare you in this way as you await the arrival of your divine brethren from the skies and from Agartha.
現在我們來榮耀這個最神聖的時刻,並祝福你們所有人!我們也來請你放心,我們在你們中的顯化也將是某些完全自然的事情。我們有許多神聖的教導要告知你們,大部分是我們從一個凡人(mortal)進化到不朽的(immortal Life)生命時所學習的課程。所有受祝福的存有都服務於神聖,這使某些知識成為必須的,包括愛的本質、光的本質、天堂自然的祝福的本質。隨著你們即將被轉化成全意識的光之存有,你們將需要吸收大量的資訊,包括伴隨著這些知識的責任。這將會是我們充滿喜悅的服務。這一教育神聖地要求在你們完全輔導階段開始之前開始,這將使你們準備好進入到一個新的仙境般的存在:全意識。在你們等待你們的神聖同胞從天空和從阿加森到來的時候,以這種方式讓我們準備好是我們的榮耀。

Today we came to tell you about several things that are beginning in earnest. They are the first markers on the final leg of your journey to full consciousness. The dark comprehends this and trembles as this most blessed day arrives. The moment approaches for 'days filled with wonder and miracles'! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
今天我們來告訴你們了幾件真正開始的事情。他們是你們回歸全意識旅程的最後一段中的第一批標誌(事件)。隨著這個最受祝福的一天的來臨,黑暗勢力理解這一點並顫慄著。此時正接近充滿奇跡的日子的時刻!親愛的人們,要知道天堂數不盡的供應和永無止境的繁榮確實是你們的!所以,去成為它!Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (天狼星語,成為一!處於喜悅中!)

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